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This momma/daughter duo is so excited to present 'Options' to you. We initially began our journey as an entirely different store and as God molded our hearts and minds, we found our niche.

We love CREATING. Although most of our items are geared toward the gift-receiver, we hope you never shy away from treating yourself! We have given our items intense thought and personal time over the last several months and we will continue to do just that with each new creation.We are in for the long haul and are praying 'Options' brings us lifelong success and happy customers!

Peggy Lynn
Co-Owner/Gift Designer

Peggy is a mother to 3 girls and a 'Boboo' to 4 grandchildren. She is the main gift designer, constructing and piecing together the perfect cluster of items. After being in the corporate world since she was 18, Peggy has recently gone part time and is finally digging into her passion; Creating. 

A fun fact about Peggy is that she's got a wicked slow pitch curve ball. 

Co-Owner/Web Designer

Kenna is a mother to a one year old, a homemaker, and retired college athlete. She loves from scratch cooking and dreaming of having a small farm one day. Kenna is the primary web designer, but also loves hunting for unique then give to her mom for constructing ;)

A fun fact about Kenna is she had her son at home (on purpose).

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